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In the Christian category, so many churches and pastors use podcasting as a way to simply recycle their Sunday morning content. I have criticized this approach as shortsighted in previous reviews.

 So coming across a show by a prominent pastor who is doing more than the minimum is refreshing and deserving of attention.

 Ask NT Wright Anything is a true gem. Host Justin Brierley—Theology and Apologetics Editor at Premier—curates listeners’ questions and asks Wright to answer them. While Brierley is certainly qualified to answer the questions himself, he does a good job of keeping the focus on Wright’s perspective.

 Wright is one of the world’s most prolific and important New Testament scholars. His work influences thousands and often serves as a corrective to the unbalanced nature of North American Evangelicalism. Wright points the way to a future that takes faith seriously without superstition and fundamentalism.

 The opportunity to ask Wright a question is profound.

 The show does not shy away from the hardest questions people of Christian faith ask. Recent episodes include a conversation with an atheist who once was Christian. Wright’s gentle and engaging approach to the discussion allowed both views to be aired even when in disagreement.

 Ask NT Wright Anything is Christian podcasting done right.


July 2021 Issue

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