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Podcasting has a singular advantage to terrestrial radio: the ability to precisely customize a format for your audience.

 A shining example of this is Playfully Faithful Parenting by Joy Wendling. She is a former children’s pastor with a theological education, which comes through in the show.

 Episodes include practical resources and encouragements alongside Biblical reflection designed for moms.

 Wendling knows her audience and keeps them in mind while creating her show as evidenced in two ways. Both deserve a call out so that other podcasters can learn from them:

 First, the show’s length is just right. I’m not a fan of short shows, but Wendling knows her audience of moms doesn’t have a ton of time. They are squeezing the show in during nap time while playing Wordle. In this case, episodes of 15-30 minutes make perfect sense.

 Second, Wendling does a superlative job defining her purpose and value proposition right in her intro. Listeners never wonder about her credibility as she tells you about her training and experience in the least braggadocious way possible. Then, she sits beside you when she tells you she’s also now a stay-at-home-mom.

 The introduction makes a promise to listeners—they will learn how to make their home a rich environment for the spiritual growth of their little ones. Wendling delivers on the promise bigtime.

 Highly recommend this show to moms of grade-school children, especially.


May 2022 Issue

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