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Normally, I review podcasts that have been around long enough to develop. But an email landed in my inbox recently asking for coverage (which we at Podcast Magazine® love, by the way). Since I didn’t have a show selected for review yet, the timing was perfect.

The show is called America’s Top Rebbetzins. A “Rebbetzin” is a rabbi’s wife or female teacher of the Torah, and host Vera Kessler seeks to add value and meaning to the lives of Jewish women by interviewing inspiring women.

Listening to this show, it became clear immediately that it will land well with their intended audience. The intro is simple—no music or fuss—and Kessler does a good job addressing a diversity of topics such as dignity, showing respect in marriage, and how purpose makes one happy. 

Those who grew up within the Jewish tradition will feel at home, as conversations are full of Jewish language. And if you aren’t, you will benefit from listening in.

Kessler’s release schedule may be the one necessary point of clarification. Multiple episodes are published on the same day, and there is no discernable pattern. Perhaps she is highly ambitious. Listeners will enjoy the content regardless, but may have difficulty settling into a regular pattern of listening.


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