UTR: Bag Man

  I was excited to listen to this podcast. I really like a good series that goes deep in explaining something I have just a bit of knowledge about.  But I think

UTR: Dog Cancer Answers

  The brainchild of producer and host James Jacobson, The Dog Podcast Network’s premiere program, with 57 episodes at press time, is Dog Cancer Answers.  Each episode is designed to be a

The Many Faces of Manny Faces

“If Hamilton and 60 Minutes gave birth to a podcast, it would be News Beat.” – Michael “Manny Faces” Conforti Imagined and inspired by schoolhouse rock and the success of Hamilton on

‘Good Luck, Mr. Gorsky’

“Three, two, one, booster ignition, and liftoff…”  These are the words podcast host and veteran broadcast journalist David Denault heard many times as a former NPR space correspondent covering the space program

Broadway The Giant

Joining Clubpod, Podcast Magazine®’s club on Clubhouse, opened the doors for Glenn Barton, also known as “Broadway the Giant,” to cross my path. Broadway was in a Clubhouse room that I was

Shuli Exposed

The Shuli Show is truly a one-of-a-kind podcast… … because there is only one Shuli.  Comedian Shuli Egar, the widely recognized former writer and producer (and regular on-air talent) of The Howard

UTR: The Sugarcraft Junkies

  What better time of year to review a podcast about sugar and bakers? From the home baker to the professional baker and everyone in between, this is for you if you’d