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Are you tired of spending your time and money chasing strategies only to discover that what worked 10, five, or even two years ago isn’t working now? 

In light of that recognition, mother of six daughters, International Speaker, and Podcast Marketer Leader Patty Farmer decided to create a podcast and companion magazine to help entrepreneurs and business professionals keep up. 

She interviews today’s leaders about proven, profitable strategies and behind-the-scenes secrets that are working now. She also interviews industry experts and global influencers to help listeners get implementable business ideas and tools to help them stand out in the noisy marketplace. 

While the show is relatively new, it is going into its fourth season with weekly episodes that have solid five-star reviews from satisfied listeners like Michelle Bridger, who offered this comment: “Direct, Valuable, and Insightful — Thanks for the insightful and thoughtful podcast interviews that give the tips and strategy[ies] needed in today’s market.”

Patty Farmer does a good job of naming the episode and providing information-packed show notes that make it easy for listeners to understand the value of the show. Each of Farmer’s guests also provide free gifts related to the topic of the conversation, so Marketing, Media & Money Podcast lives up to its name! It’s well worth a listen—I’d even consider it “binge-worthy!” 


May 2020 Issue

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