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The brainchild of producer and host James Jacobson, The Dog Podcast Network’s premiere program, with 57 episodes at press time, is Dog Cancer Answers

Each episode is designed to be a perfect listen as you walk your dog. Focusing on finding and providing cancer answers for dog lovers, Jacobson differentiates a dog “owner” from a dog “lover” by the way a person views his or her dog: if it’s like a family owner, he or she is a lover. And dog lovers seek help for their dogs, so they can live high-quality lives. 

Dog Cancer Answers is produced with high-quality sound and features interviews with veterinarians and other dog experts who care about canine health. Jacobson says that one out of three dogs develop cancer, so it’s vital for dog lovers to get the news they need to keep their dogs comfortable while living longer lives. Recent episodes include a deep-dive conversation with Dr. Demian Dressler about CBD Oil for Dogs; another current episode is with Dr. Nancy Reese about COVID-19 and dogs. 

DPN is now hiring remote hosts and correspondents who are open to all things dog, and who can meet the following criteria: 

  1. Must Love Dogs. 
  2. Must Love Podcasting. 

With high production values, great conversations, and high-level guests, Dog Cancer Answers is a must-listen for dog lovers.


June 2020 Issue

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