UTR: Good One

  I tend to lean toward podcasts that are really genuine conversations. Good One, hosted by senior editor Jesse David Fox of vulture.com, is literally about jokes, comedy show excerpts, or a

Tuckered Out With Ami Thakkar

Ami Thakkar’s journey to podcasting was one of finding her true North—her purpose in life. Ami’s parents immigrated from Bombay to the U.S. in the 1960s making Ami first generation. She grew

UTR: The Left Brain Artist

  With nearly three years in the podcasting game and over 150,000 downloads, Suzanne Redmond, who started her show by making a list of 62 of her artist friends, is shattering the

All Time in #1 Design!

Back in 2005, the fledgling radio network Voice America approached Debbie Millman expressing interest in her hosting a show. At first, she thought they were offering her a job. Turns out the

UTR: Skimm This

  We live in a busy world. It’s easy to miss the relevant news of the day or week. The podcast Skimm This breaks the important stories of the week into bite-size

UTR: Yoga Kids Adventure

  Is it possible to make yoga fun and exciting for children, yet also totally soothing? The Yoga Kids Adventure podcast achieves this beautifully. Marrying mindfulness and physical activity, this new show

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