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We live in a busy world. It’s easy to miss the relevant news of the day or week. The podcast Skimm This breaks the important stories of the week into bite-size chunks with clarity and context every Friday. 

In a recent 10-minute episode, Skimm This reporters spoke with four people from across the United States to ask the question: Where were you when heard the country was in a national emergency because of COVID-19?

Listeners, aka “Skimm’rs,” tune in regularly and can also subscribe to a free newsletter called the Daily Skimm, which claims to have more than a million subscribers. 

Skimm This also has a sister podcast, Skimm’d from the Couch, which goes deep into career advice with women who have enjoyed their own successful careers. New episodes air every Wednesday morning.

Skimm This was launched in 2012 by two former news producers from their couch. The podcast is just a cog in the wheel as they focus on attracting female millennials with their membership site and provide shortcuts to topics including money, wellness, 2020, Covid-19, and more.


September 2020 Issue

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