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With nearly three years in the podcasting game and over 150,000 downloads, Suzanne Redmond, who started her show by making a list of 62 of her artist friends, is shattering the myth of the “starving artist.” 

Bringing to the table an interesting combination of accounting, finance, and exhibiting her own art, she exclusively interviews artists—some unsung—who are actually working their art businesses. In other words, she chooses artists for both their quality of work and because they have actual experience showing and selling it.

The range is incredibly broad: from metalsmiths to yarn bombers, to lettering artists, to bookbinders and stencilers, to the more “traditional” watercolorists, oil and abstract acrylic painters, and photographers. Episodes range in length from 20 minutes to just over an hour and a half, which can be challenging for a listener who might prefer consistency in the amount of time budgeted for listening. Most episodes start with Suzanne briefly summarizing a key point or biographical note about the guest who is about to be interviewed, so listeners get a short trailer of the episode. 

COVID-19 has definitely created a major shift in the art world, where artists traditionally sold most of their work via galleries, stores, and festivals. In recent episodes, Suzanne digs into how these artists were able to transform their business model to be more digitally accessible.


September 2021 Issue

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