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I enjoy writing the “Under The Radar” review, because it’s like digging for hidden treasure. I have the opportunity to discover and sample a multitude of podcasts, and one of my favorite parts is learning why the hosts start their podcasts. 

This month is Trisha Dawkin’s one-year podcast anniversary of what was originally titled Conversations With A Random Knowbody. Over the year, listeners are able to experience her growth as a podcast host and human. 

The trailer for the podcast instantly caught my curiosity. As soon as I hit “play,” I heard upbeat music before Trisha saying, “Greetings massive!” (in Jamaican Patwah… translation: “Hello everyone!”). For me, her opening was inviting, unique, and enthusiastic. Her voice is clear and happy, and the music is uplifting.

Trisha shares the experience that inspired her podcast in episode one, and after listening, it’s clear that the name of the show is perfectly suited to her purpose. Trisha alternates her weekly episodes with guests and solo episodes, sharing the details of her life experiences in a natural way. I had the feeling of a budding relationship/friendship as I listened.

Becoming a podcaster as a single mother of two is admirable in and of itself. Being a student and having a job in addition is inspiring. In her second season and 40 episodes in, the podcast name transitioned to Not! Just Another Random Knowbody, and her opening includes, “Big Up Yourself!” (translation: “I appreciate you!”). Back at you, Trisha!


September 2021 Issue

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