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Is it possible to make yoga fun and exciting for children, yet also totally soothing? The Yoga Kids Adventure podcast achieves this beautifully. Marrying mindfulness and physical activity, this new show from Tumble Media is phenomenal, and it’s the first of its kind.

Who better to guide children through each episode’s creative routines than a kids’ yoga teacher? Kathryn is the perfect host for this podcast. She has clearly mastered the art of balancing a child-friendly upbeat tone that keeps children interested with a sense of calm. The entire family is likely to feel more centered during and after every episode.

With a yoga podcast, young ones can get moving without staring at a screen. As the podcast description says, “All you need is your ears, your imagination, and a safe place to move.”

Wouldn’t you love to stretch out with a morning swim at the beach? These yoga adventures take you there. Each episode takes kids on journeys that are built on novel ideas, like calming your body before bedtime in a cozy bear cave or wiggling with wild animals on a safari. 

Kathryn even teaches children how to do yoga in a chair. Using “rocketship breath,” kids lift off on a space adventure and breathe and bend among the stars.

Take a listen with your kids, and stretch both your body and imagination.


September 2021 Issue

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