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Not sure how this show gets to call themselves a “technology podcast,” but I decided to review it anyway, because for many in the world, December is all about Christmas… and Christmas means music, food, decorations, family gatherings, and doing things looped under the “tradition” blanket that we often have no clue as to where they started or why we do them.

 Enter host Craig Kringle and his seasonal Weird Christmas Podcast. This is the show you didn’t know you wanted—and that is the power of podcasts. With episode topics ranging from “Christmas Pickles” to “Have yourself a Movie Little Christmas” and “Weird Christmas Food,” you’ll find weird holiday-related facts and stories to explain traditions you might question and wonder why on Earth they ever got started to begin with.

 Episode length is all over the place, ranging from seven minutes to almost two hours, which makes it hard to plan for a listen. From one episode to the next, you can expect unexpected guests, like Cambridge scholars (EP 16), medievalists (EP 24), and even authors, weird food experts, movie reviewers, and of course, experts on Santa Claus!

 Nothing about technology in this review, but my gift to you and to the host of this show (that doesn’t really belong in the category) is an unexpected recommendation of a weird show about the holiday season.


December 2021 Issue


  1. Thank you so much for the kind words! And, I have to say, I have no clue how I ended up categorized as “technology.” Is that on Apple Podcasts? I could fix it or hope that, hey, maybe someone else will stumble on to it unexpectedly. Seems kinda weirdly appropriate! (I’ve got tons more stuff at WeirdChristmas.com, too: strange vintage holiday cards, odd music, stuff for other holidays, you name it.)

    But I just wanted to say I’m so glad you enjoy the show!

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