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If you like well-produced podcasts that tell great stories, this one is for you.

Filmmaker and author Chris Staron produces Truce in a style reminiscent of Malcolm Gladwell. Episodes often start with something humorous, and then, Staron weaves history into the fun. 

The result is a show that entertains as well as informs.

Truce investigates the ideas that attach themselves to Christianity. His goal is to help Christians think about where their beliefs come from. Episodes cover topics like multi-level marketing schemes, the prosperity gospel, and how rich tycoons used their Christian faith to get their way. 

Staron sometimes breaks form to feature an interview, like his episode with Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales. 

Unafraid of tackling controversial issues to accomplish his mission, the current season of Truce explores how the Russian revolution influenced American Christianity. 

As a former filmmaker, Staron’s editing and commitment to quality audio is top notch. New episodes publish every two weeks, and listeners will find ample material to go back to between episodes.

Congratulations are also in order, as Truce won two coveted Spark Christian Podcast Conference 2020 awards in the Outstanding Podcast Host, Male and Outstanding Produced Podcast categories. 

Visibly moved by the recognition of his hard work, the honors are well-deserved.

If you’re tired of the culture war, Truce is your next great binge.


April 2020 Issue

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