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I’ve been saying for decades that every good theological discussion deserves a beer, coffee, or other beverage worthy of the conversation.

Pints with Aquinas is a perfect example of this concept, and well worth a listen for anyone looking for deep theological conversation.

Host Matt Fradd, a Roman Catholic author from Australia, creates the space for a refreshingly profound discussion of Roman Catholic theology.

Audio quality is perfect, and Fradd is engaging as he interacts with his audience. He invites his listeners into the show via livestream and asks them questions during the show—a nice touch.

One of the best features of podcasting is the opportunity for in-depth conversation that traditional media doesn’t allow.

For instance, one of the episodes I listened to includes a lengthy discussion of the split between the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic church. Theologians have been discussing this for about a thousand years, so there is much ground to cover. Fradd and his guest went in depth enough that even theological novices could understand the main points of contention. One would still want to do more research before coming to a conclusion, but this Pints conversation is a solid primer.

Pints with Aquinas is a great example of how podcasting can teach, inspire, and entertain while moving beyond the sermon format. So grab a beer, and hit play on this one.


January 2021 Issue

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