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Nothing is better than finding a podcast that springs from the creator’s soul. That podcast turns into a window allowing the listener a look inside.

 That’s why I love Life, Repurposed with Michelle Rayburn. 

The show springs from her habit of buying junk to repurpose. She loves taking the old, unloved, and rusty things others are getting rid of and turning them into art.

 I’ve been critical of repurposed sermons in this space, but not all recycled content is created equal. In this case, Rayburn is a writer first. Then, she repurposes her writing content for audio listeners. The result is content that she obviously loves, which helps the listener to love it, too.

 If you like variety, Life, Repurposed will never bore you. Rayburn does a nice job mixing solo episodes with valuable interviews. As with many solo-produced podcasts, audio quality has improved over time. Women who are authors will connect with the show best, but others will enjoy it as well.

 Finally, one handy feature Rayburn adds to her show is a resource to help listeners move forward with her content by providing even more value. For example, resources may include links to the guest’s work, a digital download, or other places to find additional help on the topic. 

 Life, Repurposed publishes weekly on Thursday.


November 2020 Issue

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