UTR: Crime Theories

  Clunky but interesting and sometimes humorous. That is the best way to sum up Crime Theories.  After over two years of writing for Podcast Magazine and listening to dozens, probably over

How Do You Podcast?

Last month, in Part One of this series, we asked our hand-chosen, esteemed true-crime panelists our first question: Why do you “true crime?”  In case you missed it, the panel discussed how

UTR: The Dark-O-Motive Podcast

  Okay, this is a fun podcast—even for someone not into machines and things that produce loud sounds or go fast!  This is an incredibly engaging and well-done podcast. Host Brian Lohnes

The Frugal Lifestyle

Frugal.  The word conjures up images of little old ladies in support stockings and hairnets reusing tea bags and washing out Ziplock bags.  But frugal is not the same as cheap, and

UTR: Out Travel the System

  Tune in for travel hacks from the inside of Expedia—one of the biggest online travel shopping companies. Learn how to plan your trips for maximum enjoyment and get the biggest bang

Getting The Goods on Goodpods

JJ Ramberg started her media career as a receptionist for NBC’s Nightly News. She’d been a reporter and producer before making her way to an anchor position hosting MSNBC’s Your Business for

Dreams DO Come True

Joe Valerio is a former American football offensive lineman. His career started after being drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 1991. He played college football at the University of Pennsylvania, and

The Art of Editing

The podcasting industry has many nooks and crannies from which businesses can evolve. Some you can see, while others are more hidden. One such hidden corner is the world of the professional

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