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Are you a mom who needs a quick boost of encouragement between loads of laundry, meal-making, and kid-shuttling?

Start Small, Believe Big with Billie Jauss is the show for you!

Jauss is an author and speaker who has the heart of a shepherd for those she ministers. In soft tones with a slightly Southern accent, Jauss passionately shares a personal story and draws a lesson from the Bible in each episode.


What I love about this podcast is the familiar way Jauss speaks to her audience. When the music lowers and she says, “Hey, it’s Billie…” one cannot help but feel like she is already a friend. 

Which is why I’d love to hear her go off script a little more often. 

Jauss is a writer, and I suspect she’s often reading her solo episodes. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course. But the most intimate and warm moments come in flashes of brilliance when she leaves the script behind. Periodic interview episodes prove the point as Jauss is a skilled interviewer. Her personality shines through, and it’s fun.

For instance, in one episode I reviewed, she relayed the story of how another baseball wife (Jauss’s husband is a Major League Baseball coach) didn’t like her. She does so in a way that intrigues and fascinates.


Episodes are short, often under 10 minutes. They aren’t meant to be a full meal. Instead, this show is an appetizer meant to get your mind and heart right. 


May 2021 Issue

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