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If I were to believe my Instagram feed, there would be no doubt in my mind that everyone is able to work on a laptop from some remote, exotic beach location. 

Enter the Baggage Claim podcast hosted by Will Conway.

Will describes his podcast as the “gritty, real story of what happens when a man-child follows one too many travel ‘influencers’ on Instagram, mumbles ‘Hey, I can travel, too,’ in the mirror, and strikes out for adventure.” 

In 2019, Will bought a one-way ticket to Columbia and left everything behind. The podcast chronicles his adventures.

Will is a masterful storyteller, and with the addition of sound effects, the listener is immersed into the experience. There were moments I forgot I was listening to a recollection of past experiences versus real-time reportings. Will’s vivid descriptions make listeners feel like his traveling companion.

The episodes are short and bingeable, and each left me eager for Will’s next adventure. The self-awareness and observations Will shares about himself and his experiences add an extra layer of depth to his stories. Some of the experiences he has shared so far are borderline frightening.

A unique addition to the Baggage Claim podcast is the ability for listeners to text in their questions, which Will then answers on the following episode. Will is building a community of raving fans, and I’m planning on joining in the fun!

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