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I’ve been a fan of The Mandalorian TV show since it began on Disney+. What caught my attention more than the Star Wars tie-in, though, was the way it would be filmed. 

Jon Favreau decided he’d bring in a team of directors, and each one would take on a different episode. But all five were there for the making of each, so there remained a continuity between episodes while each being singularly quite unique. 

And I couldn’t believe it when it landed in my lap, but I found a podcast with a similar structure. 

10 American Presidents is the brainchild of Roifield Brown. Roifield is no rookie to podcasting, as he has several others. But for 10 American Presidents, he’s decided to flex his creative muscles. 

Like The Mandalorian, Roifield has created a team. Each member becomes the host of his or her own show. We’re not talking about amateur hosts here either: Dan Carlin is the host of the very first show about Nixon, and later, Mike Duncan, David Pietrusza, and Kevin Stroud each take a turn. 

It’s almost as if 10 American Presidents is really The Greatest Hits of History Podcast. Back in the days of tapes and CD’s, I could see it being with the soundtracks or compilation albums. 

If you’re looking to get some real deep-dive information about our presidents and sample some of the best podcasters out there at the same time, I’d say 10 American Presidents is your bailiwick.

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