History actually comes alive

History actually comes alive

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A few years ago, I attended Playlist Live in Washington D.C. Here’s a conference of YouTubers for fans… 

Perhaps I should be clearer. I took my son, Cole, to Playlist Live along with a few hundred other parents so our kids could get super excited about seeing the YouTubers they follow in person. 

Obviously, that was pre-Covid. 

But while I was there, it dawned on me that the event doesn’t really exist for adults.

That’s where the evolution of podcasting has outpaced other media. 

Podcasts like Lore and IMomSoHard have already done nationwide tours giving fans a chance to see them in person. Dave Ramsey has a “porch” where you can watch live tapings. And there’s a hotel in Nashville, TN, that has a podcast recording booth off the main lobby that people can sit and watch… perhaps instead of a piano player.

Now that the world is Zoom friendly and online summits, classes, meetings, and coaching sessions are commonplace, you can also brew your favorite cup of coffee and get closer to your favorite history podcasters. 

This month, the Intelligent Speech Conference will come to your living room and feature the podcasters behind History of England, Whatifalthist, 10 American Presidents, History of Italy Podcast, Everything Everywhere Daily, Pontifacts, Making Gay History, and a bunch more. 

What makes the Intelligent Speech Conference better than just checking YouTube for talks by your favorite podcasters is the Q&A period following each session. For instance, last year Kevin Stroud, from The History of English Podcast, spoke for 20 minutes before entertaining questions for another 20 minutes. 

He answered questions about common challenges he gets from listeners, accents people speak with, the books he reads and gets inspiration from, and maybe the most interesting of all… “Where do you see the future of the English language headed?” 

If you’re a true history buff who really loves learning, talking, and reading about history, there isn’t really another place you can have conversations like these with history podcast experts. 

To whet your whistle, on the schedule this month are topics like:

  • Jamie Redfern uses the Second Punic War and the Seven Years War to demonstrate how selective inclusion of facts can change a narrative, revealing stories and voices hidden in plain sight. 
  • Mary Tudor is remembered even today as “Bloody Mary” for her persecution of Protestants during her short reign. But fewer people understand how precarious the Catholic situation was under Elizabeth I. 
  • The hosts of Pontifacts dig into a topic that is often deliberately hidden: children fathered by Popes! 
  • As the country grapples with the effects of racism and discrimination, being LGBTQ+ in an already marginalized racial/ethnic community increases the need to fight doubly hard for inclusion and against discrimination.

If you’re interested in really digging into the nitty gritty of history and being part of some amazing conversations, The Intelligent Speech Conference takes place April 24 starting at 10 am eastern. Head over to IntelligentSpeechConference.com to grab a ticket. 

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