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The single coolest thing about the Internet is the ability of otherwise small groups of fans to find one another. It’s even better when they are generally overlooked by their main communities.

 Dallas and Celeste Mora are creating just such a community through their podcast Comm Talk by Geek Devotions. They started with a YouTube channel seeking to serve the “geek” crowd who also happened to be Christians. Their content creation evolved into a podcast as well, allowing them to move beyond devotional content into conversations. Audio also accommodates some of their more camera-shy friends.

 As I listened to Comm Talk, several things stood out. First, the audio quality is great, and their production schedule is regular. Second, it was clear that the Moras can talk in-depth about any geeky subject. One of the episodes was about Godzilla movies and another about Dungeons & Dragons. Their passion made both sound fun and intriguing (I may even watch that new Godzilla vs. King Kong movie now).

 The couple’s ability to link both the world of fantasy and “geek” culture with the language of Christianity has resonated with their audience.

 I love mashup podcasts that puts two unrelated communities into conversation. If you geek out about other worlds and still love Jesus, this podcast is for you.

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