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Across the Pond Sports Podcast started in July 2020. Host James Scott wanted to create something that would let listeners on both sides of the U.K and in the U.S. hear varying views while communicating his own passion for sports. His idea was definitely a bit different from the rest of the sports podcasts out there. 

James set out to provide listeners in the U.K. with an inside look at sports in the U.S. He covers the latest news in leagues like the NBA, MLB, NCAA, and NFL. Alongside his hand-picked analysists and guests (including athletes), James breaks it all down.

The show started in Edinburgh, Scotland, and they have had guest hosts from Scotland, England, Denver, and Atlanta so far. An important part of podcast evolution has been getting the right guests, and James’ efforts in doing so have proven successful—the value the guests have added to the show is game-changing. 

James connects with his listeners even more with his Across The Pond mailbag, which allows more personal communications.

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