UTR: Vanished

  Remember reading about Ichabod Crane, Amelia Earhart, and the Bermuda Triangle in school?  Did you ever learn about D.B. Cooper, John Wilkes Booth, or even Al Capone’s lost fortune?  If so,

Down the Rabbit Hole into History

Southern Gothic isn’t your typical history podcast. In fact, I’d argue there isn’t anything typical about it.  The idea behind it isn’t to just entertain or educate, but to completely enthrall you

UTR: Belief Hole Podcast

  My husband enjoys listening to podcasts as he’s falling asleep. Having them on a timer means I hear whatever he’s listening to, as well.  So when my brother-in-law recommended Belief Hole

Mixing Up Midlife

Friendships that span 30 years are rarer than they are common, these days.  Terri and Melissa are blessed to have been friends since high school, despite living in different cities and having

UTR: One Hundred Words

  The podcast One Hundred Words is a novel concept. Marilisa Valtazanou reads an original story of exactly 100 words every day without fail. What a commendable feat! The regularity of her

Mumbai Crime

Anyone who enjoyed the film Slumdog Millionaire will be interested in the Sony award-winning Mumbai Crime podcast. They are both based on the bestselling novel Q&A, by Vikas Swarup, which Ayeesha Menon

UTR: Murder Minute

  You love listening to true-crime podcasts, but you only have a 20-minute drive, or you’re limited to 30 minutes maximum on the treadmill at your gym.  Check out Murder Minute. With

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