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You love listening to true-crime podcasts, but you only have a 20-minute drive, or you’re limited to 30 minutes maximum on the treadmill at your gym. 

Check out Murder Minute.

With a run time roughly equaling a short commute, Murder Minute is a no-nonsense dose of true crime. Each episode of the program includes a scripted narrative detailing a “a brief true crime news update.” Through well-crafted storytelling and sound design, Murder Minute delivers an immersive listening experience in (usually) less than a half hour.

Don’t get me wrong; I love an in-depth coverage of a case. I have sat in the car in the parking lot of my destination to listen to that last ten minutes of a two-hour episode before.

However, you don’t always have the time or the patience for that. That’s where Murder Minute comes in. They cover a number of interesting cases in a short amount of time.

Also, what you save on time, you don’t lose in quality. Each show is professionally produced. From the top-notch narration of the case to the background music, Murder Minute can stand with any of the top true-crime podcasts.

Whether you are looking for a new podcast, or you just want something short to listen to during that brisk walk, give Murder Minute a try.


February 2021 Issue

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