UTR: Simple Families

  I’m willing to bet that, after listening to just one episode of Denaye Barahona’s Simple Families podcast, you’ll want to listen again and again.  This one stands out—not only because of

A Show for a Special Breed

All dog lovers consider their dog to be a member of the family. That’s how I felt at ten years old about a little border collie called “Oreo” who came into my

UTR: Inside Psycho

  A dark look behind the fact and fiction of the world of Psycho and the Hitchcock classic that almost wasn’t. If you took a high school film class, you most likely

The Depth of Fred Rodgers

One year ago, when the world wasn’t as broken, many of us made the trip to our local theater to watch a loosely based ‘biopic’ of the relationship between Mr. Rogers and

UTR: Morning Cup of Murder

  Some people really love true crime… so much so, it becomes more than a category to listen to while walking your dog or a TV show to watch some nights before

Going Deep With The Music Makers

Andy Kushner, executive producer and host of The Music Makers, gives listeners access to behind-the-scenes stories from some of the most influential music industry pros. For the audience, it’s a rare opportunity

UTR: Spotlight Conversations

  If you ever wanted listen to some real, authentic, “behind-the-scenes” conversations with a broad range of people in the music or media segments of the performing arts industry, Spotlight Conversations is

What’s Going On Down Under?

Just before lockdown in March of 2020, Brett Stanley launched The Underwater Podcast as a “purely selfish way” of getting to speak to other photographers, cinematographers, talent, and stunt people in the

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