UTR: ScrapHappier Podcast

  Like many out there, I was heavy into Scrapbooking in the early 2000’s – along with a bazillion other people. This lasted for several years until life got in the way

Stitch Please Podcast

“I wanted to find a place –  I wanted to create a place where I did not have to constantly explain myself, or feel like I had to withhold part of myself,

UTR: Women in Tech Talk To Yasmin

  Yasmin Alameddine is committed to telling the stories of women in tech—and not just any stories. She has amassed a catalog of episodes that highlights some under-the -radar women in tech

Local Focus, Global Vision

When Paul Spain first started learning about the tech sector as a teenager, he felt like he didn’t understand everything, and wondered when it would all make sense. That very feeling is

UTR: Patchwork

  If you’re a mom, there has probably been a time in your life when your child has appeared to be missing. Maybe he or she was delayed in coming home from

UTR: Deadly Manners

  On the surface, this podcast seems like it would be right up my alley. A snowed-in dinner party during which guests are murdered, one by one, ala Agatha Christie’s And Then