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If you ever wanted listen to some real, authentic, “behind-the-scenes” conversations with a broad range of people in the music or media segments of the performing arts industry, Spotlight Conversations is the show for you. 

Host Donna Reed, who is also an award-winning voice-over artist, dj, and radio personality, brings a high level of professionalism along with her years of experience in the industry and couples it with fabulous production quality. 

Her guests represent a broad range of specialties in the industry. You’ll find interviews with country musicians, tv and media personalities, broadcast executives, entertainment journalists, rock and roll radio legends, authors, actors, event producers, and more. With almost 50 episodes aired since its launch in 2020, this show (with only TWO reviews on Apple!) is most definitely UNDER THE RADAR!

 The most appealing part of the show is the level of comfort you feel with Donna behind the mic. You can tell she’s a real pro at interviewing, and that her rolodex is both deep and wide, so you can always tune in and expect a terrific episode awaiting you. Donna is also a veteran of the United States Armed Forces (USCG E4), and hosts two radio shows, as well. 

Donna comes to the podcast game well-equipped to triumph in all the best ways. This show is a winner!


July 2021 Issue

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