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I’m willing to bet that, after listening to just one episode of Denaye Barahona’s Simple Families podcast, you’ll want to listen again and again. 

This one stands out—not only because of the topics, but because of Denaye’s unique approach. 

She focuses on developing a healthy relationship with yourself, your family, and your home, but it’s her audio quality and delivery that really draws you in. I think it’s important to ensure your show is well-mixed and engineered like Daneye’s when covering emotional topics.

Denaye is always cool, calm, and level-headed. She has the kind of voice that makes you want to listen, even if the topic wouldn’t normally interest you. 

I also love the fact that she’s upfront with her listeners. She lets you know she is coming from a scholastic background, but the show is based on her real-world experience backed by academic knowledge. With a PhD. in Child Development, she is a clinical social worker with a specialty in child and family practice. 

She often points out, “What works for me may not work for you. It’s not a one-size fits all approach.” She never tries to hit you over the head with anything, and I appreciate that. 

Take a listen to the Simple Families podcast, and you’ll see why Denaye is the right person to remind you to keep life simple. 


October 2020 Issue

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