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A dark look behind the fact and fiction of the world of Psycho and the Hitchcock classic that almost wasn’t.

If you took a high school film class, you most likely studied the movie, Psycho. But there is a lot they don’t teach you in those classes. 

While you may have studied the film techniques, the biography of Alfred Hitchcock, and/or the massive success of the movie, you most likely didn’t study the more interesting facets: 

Did you know it was based on a real person named Ed Gein, or that the movie studio hated the movie? How about that the classic shower scene was almost cut? And those questions only scratch the surface.

This six-part deep dive into the world of Psycho takes you deeper into the history, writing, making, and legacy of the movie and how it forever changed the landscape of how horror films are created. 

Produced by Wondery, host Mark Ramsey provides listeners with a polished, well-produced look into the deeper story of all things Psycho. From the music beds, sound effects, and retelling of the story, the atmosphere is set to invite you deeper into the story. As a bonus, the series includes an interview with Psycho document creator Rob Galluzzo.

This show is a well-researched, crafted, and a revealing look into the facts and fiction of one of the greatest thrillers in movie history.


December 2020 Issue

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