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You Haven’t Heard This Music Podcast. Would you believe me if I said this is the actual name of an incredibly entertaining show hosted by Wayne, Neil, and Ritchie? They explore lesser-known music by lesser-known artists who they feel are as good if not better than some mainstream artists. In other words, they highlight musicians who are under the radar!

Their interviews feel like friendly chats, and best of all, the music they showcase is really good! Take a listen and judge for yourself.

The artists range from Nially, a 22-year-old singer/songwriter and musician from Kerry, Ireland, to 17-year-old Emmrose, an indie-pop singer/songwriter living in New York City. They’ve also interviewed Ali Comerford, who has toured the world performing viola in classical ensembles for 14 years and has now recorded her debut album of original folk-based but classical-influenced songs.

The hosts even take the time to discuss the artists’ music videos and social media presence. 

There’s something about the head-to-heads and challenges discussed that is endearing. Not to mention there’s plenty of banter among the hosts, allowing their distinctive personalities to shine through. 

In every episode, they seem to effortlessly bridge the gap between comedy and music. More importantly, thanks to their show, we’re exposed to talented artists we otherwise might never have known about.


July 2021 Issue

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