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“C’mon, man!” That’s the line from ESPN’s Monday Night Football pregame show that popped into my mind when I saw Trace Evidence listed as the number one podcast on our magazine’s Hot 50 chart—not once, but twice! (Yes … for two months in a row.) 


Don’t get me wrong: it is not a poorly produced podcast. Steven Pacheco does a decent job of covering the cases. I also appreciate the insight and theories he provides toward the end of the show. 


However, after listening to a number of episodes, I couldn’t find a trace (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun) of reasoning to substantiate Trace Evidence’s ranking as even one of the top ten true-crime podcasts, much less number one overall.


If you enjoy listening to a host speak into a microphone for an hour straight, it’s a decent show. But I found nothing to differentiate it from many others in the category. I also enjoyed the earlier episodes a bit more than some of the recent installments, which is usually not a good trend.


If you enjoy Trace Evidence, should you continue listening to it? Sure! If you enjoy true crime in general, should you give Trace Evidence a listen? Probably. Should Trace Evidence be listed as the absolute best podcast, not just in the True Crime Category, but overall? Absolutely not! 


C’mon, man!

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