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This year for Mother’s Day, rather than watch a family-friendly movie, why not try listening to a family-friendly podcast?

Kid Pod Theater is a cute, fun, science-fiction audio drama perfect for the entire family. The storyline arc is short and sweet—just six episodes—so you can easily binge-listen even if your kids have a short attention span.

The first story arc, Rescues, is about how 13-year-old Danny is helping his mother’s dog rehabilitation business (and what kid doesn’t love a show about a dog?). Except… the new stray he brought home doesn’t seem very doglike.

The beauty of listening to this podcast versus watching it is that YOU get to decide what the new stray actually looks like. I especially enjoyed the stray’s sound effects, as it’s pretty clear from the beginning it doesn’t sound at all like a dog, but … what does it sound like?

I also enjoyed how the creators were able to use only sound to show (rather than tell) how the relationship between Danny and the stray changes and grows.

There’s even a little humor and adventure thrown in.

If you and your family are looking for something different, something that allows your kids to use their brain and creativity more than by watching a screen, I’d highly recommend Kid Pod Theater. It might be your next favorite family activity.


May 2021 Issue

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