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Host Ray Bourcier has a voice made for podcasting, which makes this podcast very easy to listen to. Ray brings an honest, upbeat attitude that makes listeners feel like we can do it, too. 

I appreciate his perspective, as it’s refreshing to hear a dad speak up about his experiences with mental health. I am beyond grateful that there is a podcast for parents to go to so they don’t feel alone. 

Ray normalizes the struggle and helps parents overcome paralyzing anxiety and depression, so they can give their best selves to their families. As the description claims, “This podcast is not a podcast full of information—it’s all about transformation.” It’s easy to sense that Ray really cares about his listeners and wants to provide that transformation. He struggled himself for nearly three decades, which makes him the perfect host of this show. 

Ray brings honesty, stories, tools, and a “what’s working now” attitude to his show, which is 18 episodes young, but packs a punch. It has the potential to change the lives of those who listen, and I look forward to seeing it grow along with the community of listeners supporting one another.


July 2022 Issue

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