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Have you ever thought about the ways in which hip-hop music and culture are improving society? Listen to Hip-Hop Can Save America! to find out more about this fascinating topic. 

Hosted by award-winning hip-hop journalist Manny Faces, this podcast explores the innovative, inspiring, and often surprising influence hip hop can have on an individual’s emotional and mental wellness while also addressing social issues.

The guests on this show are always thought-provoking, from Dr. Elliot Gann, who breaks down the neuroscience behind his acclaimed concept of healing trauma in young people through therapeutic beat-making, to 2020 Jefferson Award-winner J.C. Hall, whose Hip-Hop Therapy Studio after-school program was showcased in an award-winning documentary. 

Each episode takes listeners on a journey of discovery as a variety of views on the positive impact of hip-hop are highlighted. The intersection of hip-hop and philosophy, civics, education, activism, and empowerment takes centerstage on this show. 

It is amazing to hear the discussions about the power of politically charged music with groundbreaking public statements and complex messages. Without these conversations, hip-hop beats and lyrics could easily be taken for granted, and few may be aware of the significance of this genre for kids who “are not reading the New York Times,” as JC Hall puts it.

Thanks to this thoughtful podcast, we know that indeed, Hip-Hop Can Save America!


October 2021 Issue

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