UTR: Americana Podcast

UTR: Americana Podcast

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There’s something about the Americana Podcast that gives you a toe-tapping, feel-good vibe! Host Robert Earl Keen is a prolific songwriter and Americana pioneer, and he has a knack for drawing out the unique stories of the musicians he interviews.

As he delves into their creative processes, failures, and successes, listeners gain a deeper appreciation of those who have dedicated their lives to the Americana genre. Often, the conversations broaden our understanding of this unique sound, which is rooted in a variety of American musical traditions, including folk, country, roots-rock, bluegrass, R&B, and blues.

It is fascinating to learn how various performers’ musical identities have developed, individually and as a duo or group. And don’t we always wonder how they settled on their names? These questions and more are answered on this show. Not to mention the friendly banter between the musicians is entertaining in its own right. 

From the early days of bedroom demos to the period when they started to get traction, Americana musicians speak openly about their journey on this show. We learn how music and their lives intersect, and we find out how musical communities have developed organically over time. 

The conversations are interspersed with snippets of recordings. Acoustic instruments combined with mesmerizing harmonies can really make your day!

There’s no doubt, this podcast is worth a listen.


April 2021 Issue

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