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What I love about this show is what it is not. It is not a show about being a woman in tech. 

It is a show about the tech being developed by real women in tech and what they think about. Think of this podcast as a place to hear about the next great idea or to see who will be the next Anita Borg or Sally Ride. 

Hidden Figures, the book and subsequent movie, opened the world’s collective eye to the fact that women have been on the cutting edge of STEM for longer than the term “STEM” has been around. This podcast highlights amazing women in tech, so you don’t miss out on their lessons.

Host Edaena Salinas created a series within a series that showcases the Anita Borg Abie Award winners. If you don’t know where to start listening, I recommend those episodes. Abie Awards honor distinguished women, whose achievements and life stories demonstrate that all of us have the power to improve our world, individually and collectively. Edaena does a beautiful job getting them to share their stories.

After that, just have fun. Explore topics as diverse as biotechnology and water pollution or indigenous women in tech. You won’t be disappointed.

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