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Under The Radar: Mysterious Circumstances

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To keep with the Halloween theme, if you’d like to add stories of the occult into your typical true-crime tales, give Mysterious Circumstances a listen. Host Justin Rimmel does a solid job of making listeners feel like we are in the room with him while he shares particularly weird cases he comes across.

If old-fashioned true-crime stories are your “thing,” you will certainly find them on Mysterious Circumstances, too. Being from Illinois, the episode on “The Starved Rock Murders” was of particular interest to me.

However, if you want to get into a more ghoulish and scary mode, this podcast has that, too. “A Haunting in Michigan” was particularly creepy—a perfect listen for a Halloween-esque night.

Justin does a good job of being a bit skeptical when covering the cases. While he doesn’t discount anything paranormal from the start, he does bring in reason and common sense. 

The host also makes a practice of responding to his reviews at the end of many episodes, whether they are five stars or of the (less common) one-star variety.

Whether you are looking for something a little different from the typical true-crime podcasts, or a little scarier to fit the season, give Mysterious Circumstances a listen.

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