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Under The Radar: Good Things in Life for Kids with Disabilities

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Advocating for children with intellectual disabilities is Genia Stephen’s passion. No wonder her podcast is called Good Things In Life

That’s just what she wants for them.

Knowing what is possible, where to find it, and how to advocate for your special needs child is easier with the help and support of those who have already done it. Genia has walked that path. 

Her sister and son both having intellectual disabilities, she has the experience and expertise to know exactly which guests, topics, and discussions speak to the heart of issues common to parents of differently abled kids.

From rules at home to social roles to dealing with schools and your own exhaustion, Genia and her guests offer expert insights to optimize the day to day with and for your child. 

One of the best things about the Good Things In Life podcast is the feeling of being known. Hearing from people who know your journey—one that can be lonely, marginalizing, and isolating—is validating! 

When you have a child with disabilities, your hands are full and time is at a premium. Knowing that Genia and her guests are right there with you, available for you in any spare moments, is the real joy of podcasting. 

You’re not alone.

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