22 Top Influencers in Podcasting

This month, we’re celebrating our love of podcasting by presenting our picks for top influencers in the podcasting space. Whether inspiring, informing, and/or entertaining, each has made unique and powerful contributions to

UTR: Simply Sabbath

  Normally, I review podcasts that have been around long enough to develop. But an email landed in my inbox recently asking for coverage (which we at Podcast Magazine® love, by the

30 Shows For Tech Fans In 2022

With a new year comes all sorts of possibilities. New ideas. New goals. And sometimes, even new listening habits.  Keeping that in mind, I started wondering what the fans and hosts of

UTR: How AI Happens

How AI Happens is a bit different in the tech podcasts realm because I cannot find any indication that the host, Rob Stevenson, has a tech background. All I find is a

UTR: Flawless – A Music Podcast

  If you’re looking for hearty, amicable debates about the best albums of all time, look no further than Flawless – A Music Podcast. What could be better than listening to three

The Evolution of Music Podcasts

Live entertainers have been facing a harsh reality for the past two years. Musicians who relied on live performances for their income were thrown for a loop when the prolonged nature of

UTR: CrimeLapse

  It is often said that reality is scarier than fiction. If you don’t believe that to be true before listening to an episode of CrimeLapse, you likely will afterward.  As an

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