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It is often said that reality is scarier than fiction. If you don’t believe that to be true before listening to an episode of CrimeLapse, you likely will afterward. 

As an avid consumer of true-crime podcasts myself, I actually had to turn off a couple of episodes, because the cases were getting “too real” even for me! That is a very rare occurrence.

Part of the credit for this emotional response goes to the hosts’ narration. Eileen and Charlie not only bring the cases to life, but the emotion, as well.

The rest of the credit goes to the use of the primary audio that makes up a large percentage of each episode. 

The makers of Crimelapse make it absolutely clear that the subjects they cover may be disturbing or triggering to some listeners. But it’s not for pure, entertaining shock value. I found there to be a learning opportunity in each episode I listened to… or, as they put it, “an immersive insight into the darkest tales.”

One perfect example was a series of episodes that focused on “cases that led to changes in legislation, protocol, and practices.”

CrimeLapse is certainly not for everyone. But for us hardcore true-crime fans who want to listen to a podcast that is not only done well, but that also doesn’t shy away from some of the darkest cases and subjects, this is our show.


January 2022 Issue

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