UTR: Buttons & Figgs

  “I don’t care a button, I don’t care a fig.” This line from an Edward Lear poem caught my attention as I listened to the Buttons & Figs podcast intro. I

UTR: Acquired

  Although this podcast often hits the top of charts, it was new to me and definitely deserving of a review. I LOVE this show!  Hosts Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal are

UTR: Writer Wrong

  If you love behind-the-scenes documentaries of your favorite shows and movies, the Writer Wrong podcast may be perfect for you. It’s an intriguing concept: the podcast story itself is sandwiched between

Alba Salix, Royal Physician

Gunther!  What? What’s the matter? Your hair. It’s all snakes. Look in the mirror. Oh, for Heaven’s sakes. Get Alba in here. Getting sick in a fairy-tale world is no joke. Never

Giving Voice to Voice

Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, TV remotes, cars, your thermostat.  We have become accustomed to using our voices to control our environment, find information, and get where we want to go. But have

UTR: Americana Podcast

  There’s something about the Americana Podcast that gives you a toe-tapping, feel-good vibe! Host Robert Earl Keen is a prolific songwriter and Americana pioneer, and he has a knack for drawing

Rae Leigh: A Phenomenal Creative Soul

Rae Leigh, executive producer and host of Songwriter Trysts, is on an amazing journey.  She will openly tell you that music saved her life. Growing up with parents who had mental health

UTR: On The Bench

  I’ve always been fascinated by model kits—the painstaking detail, the lifelike “hop-in-and-drive” feel, and the passion they invoke. On The Bench is an enjoyable and informative podcast that has produced over

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