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I’ve always been fascinated by model kits—the painstaking detail, the lifelike “hop-in-and-drive” feel, and the passion they invoke.

On The Bench is an enjoyable and informative podcast that has produced over 100 episodes in about three years. It is hosted by three Aussie gentlemen: Dave, Ian, and Julian, all with no apparent last names! They are easy to listen to because of their comradery and easy friendship.

The podcast covers all aspects of the hobby, from tools to kits to paint to the wide expanse of the various models available to build. The hosts bring in guests to share their expertise and experiences with this once-popular hobby that has waned in interest over the past decade. On The Bench is doing its best to reverse that trend.

Occasionally, the episodes become rambling destinations to nowhere, but they are still easy-listening rambles, and rather fun.

What struck me more than anything is how much Dave, Ian, and Julian really enjoy their hobby and bring value to their audience. Going by the theory that one learns more from failure, they are very upfront when a technique or process doesn’t work for them. They equally celebrate their successes and how they came about.

Have fun with this podcast… let it inspire you to create something new!


February 2021 Issue

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