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Although this podcast often hits the top of charts, it was new to me and definitely deserving of a review. I LOVE this show! 

Hosts Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal are a knockout pair of cohosts. I especially enjoyed the series around the founding and rising of Chinese tech companies. 

Through interviews with founders of top startups and deep dives into how companies got their start, Ben and David know their facts and present them in an interesting and even fun way to help others learn from those who have succeeded before them. Underdogs are not left off their show, either. Like those we profile in this magazine, success comes in all sizes.

The hosts don’t take themselves too seriously even though their credentials are seriously impressive. What they do take seriously is their in-depth profiling of the path to success. They often include aspects of a company’s rise that didn’t quite go as planned, as well, and how you can use that knowledge in your own entrepreneurial rise.

From WhatsApp to AirBnB, Harpo Studios to the NBA, and even investing and investors, there is something for everyone who loves business. Episodes are generally two hours long, but some are shorter. This is not a podcast for those looking for the Cliff Notes version of business. This is the unabridged version, and it’s worth every minute.


February 2021 Issue

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