Rob Actis: Mr. Action in Action

Rob Actis has a big voice, and he is not afraid to use it.  You may have heard him narrate Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning audiobook, or in numerous national commercials. As

Jen Fassino’s *NSFW Coming-Out Party

The title for this article might be a bit misleading; however, it did get you reading.  This is a coming-out story—just maybe not the kind you’re thinking.  It’s about Jen Fassino’s decision

UTR: The WILD with Chris Morgan

  Do you love nature? Curious about how it survives, despite humans? Ecologist Chris Morgan, host of THE WILD, invites listeners to join him in discovering different aspects of nature firsthand.  This

Science Without Bias

In a time when people believe the idea that even scientific “fact” can be interpreted, Jessica Steier and Andrea Love provide listener relief by ‘sifting through the noise’ in their show, Unbiased

UTR: Pantry Chat

  “Homesteading.”  The word brings to mind days of old, complete with images from television classics such as Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons.  But today, homesteading is considered a

UTR: The Birding Tools Podcast

  Birds are all around us. Movies have been made about them; people follow them all over the world; industries are built around them. But for hobbyists, birding is a passion. The

Riders, Wrenchers, and Misfits

 “I was the kid rolling down the car window and yelling at a Hell’s Angel that I loved his hog!” – Liza Miller When you are born with motorcycle oil in your

The Joe Gardener Show

Take an eight-year-old boy, throw a stick into the ground, and watch them both take root and grow. That’s precisely what happened with Joe Lamp’l, who has literally been growing his love