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Do you love nature? Curious about how it survives, despite humans? Ecologist Chris Morgan, host of THE WILD, invites listeners to join him in discovering different aspects of nature firsthand. 

This show provides beautiful insight into wild animals and their stories, as well as the humans who work with them as protectors. Chris adds in thoroughly researched content to provide the listener with a wealth of knowledge on the life and survival of many species. The show’s Instagram account has amazing photographs to accompany the podcast’s stories. 

THE WILD takes listeners across the Pacific Northwest and around the world. The production is done so seamlessly, integrating sounds of the animals and their habitats. Chris’s spontaneous interactions as he explores wildlife and the complex web of ecosystems they inhabit and his narration provide for excellent storytelling. 

This podcast is an auditory feast for the ears. Morgan’s voice is a perfect complement to the rhythm of the natural environment he describes. Close your eyes as you listen; you can easily imagine yourself right there with him. From his fondness for big cats to even the smallest of creatures, Chris takes listeners on a wild journey through his two-and-a-half years of episodes. Enjoy!


May 2021 Issue

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