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UTR: The Birding Tools Podcast

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Birds are all around us. Movies have been made about them; people follow them all over the world; industries are built around them. But for hobbyists, birding is a passion. The Birding Tools Podcast is a new podcast on the scene primarily for beginning birders. It launched in the fall of 2020, in the middle of our world pandemic. While locking down in our homes, people are starting new hobbies, and bird watching is one of them, which makes this podcast a great find! 

Host Christa Rolls brings her experience and background as an Avian Ecologist and Conservation Biologist to the show to reach those at the beginner level. She doesn’t over-educate; she explains and teaches. From the basics of the “Top 5 Tips to Begin Birding” to how to meet other birders, she makes the hobby relatable. Christa even has an episode about “Spooky Birds” to demystify “scary” birds and the facts and myths surrounding them. 

So far, there have only been a few guests featured, but they have been full of knowledge and bring a different perspective to the birding world. Christa, as an interviewer, asks good questions, and I like hearing the back and forth between people who are passionate about birds. 

Relax with the opening music, listen to a great podcast, and then… go birdwatch!


March 2021 Issue

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