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The word brings to mind days of old, complete with images from television classics such as Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons

But today, homesteading is considered a “self-sufficient” lifestyle and is being embraced more and more. 

Pantry Chat is a weekly(ish) podcast hosted by YouTubers Josh and Carolyn of The Homestead Family. Tired of the city grind, they ultimately moved to a small property in the country with the idea of being homesteaders. As they gained skills, they moved to larger homes and properties, ultimately ending up with 40 acres and 9 kids! 

I love listening to this podcast. It appeals to my inner homesteader. The episodes are geared toward education and are therefore full of information not only useful for homesteaders, but to any listener interested in self-sufficiency. Josh and Carolyn started learning by growing vegetables on their apartment balcony, so know that it doesn’t take 40 acres to appreciate the podcast. 

The podcast is even more relevant today as listeners turn to growing vegetables and gardening as hobbies. Josh and Carolyn talk not only about gardening, but also about how to preserve the bounty you’ve grown and store the preserved food. They include tons of other practical tips, too.

Find Pantry Chat, and imagine the fuller and “simpler” lifestyle. 

“Goodnight, John Boy.”


May 2021 Issue

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