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She was almost a spy.  She speaks English, Arabic, and French.  And she’s got degrees in International Relations and Psychology… but she left a six-figure job at the Pentagon to bring this message to world:

“It’s time to turn off the auto-pilot and wake up!”  

A decade ago, Ashley Stahl was in counter-terrorism, winning awards for her work as a national security expert.  But she was exhausted and searching for what she was truly meant to do in the world.  

So she took a risk and launched her own business.  Today, she helps people discover their true career path, so they can land their dream jobs or launch their dream businesses.

In 2018, the podcast was born.  144 episodes and nearly 300 five-star reviews later, it’s a library of conversations with fascinating guests that can help you create a plan and land a job you’ll adore, get clear on what career path is best for you, design a dream business that allows you to live your passion, and/or find fulfillment in your relationships.  

With great insights, pro-quality audio, and Ashley’s soothing voice, you’ll find yourself drawn into binge listening to this one as it inspires you to live your life with intention and purpose.

Go subscribe, and listen all the way to the end of the episodes for actionable next steps.


November 2020 Issue

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