The Antidote to Mediocrity

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In a world of low expectations, disappointment, and mediocrity… filled with over-medicated, over-indulged people struggling to get through their days and stressed beyond belief…

Dr. Trevor Blattner refuses to accept average as acceptable, underperformance as understandable, or exhaustion as the expected way to live your life.

Welcome to The Top 1%.  In this world, you’re challenged to step into high expectations, to perform to your maximum potential, become a world-class leader, and live for something larger than yourself.

Sounds great, right?  But probably a little… unrealistic?  A setup for disappointment for those of us who live in the “real world”?

Full disclosure: Normally I do a formal interview with the hosts I write about for this column.  But I didn’t even tell Dr. Blattner I was writing this article when we chatted.  (Hey, congrats, you’re being featured in Podcast Magazine!)  

A few years ago, I met Trevor at an event I was hosting, and he shared his vision with me.  Since then, I’ve seen the real behind the scenes of his business as we’ve masterminded and strategized together.  

I’ve watched as he juggles the demands of a seven-figure practice, beautiful family, and growing podcast and coaching business, all the while staying true to his priorities and faith.  He’d never tell you it’s easy or without challenges.  But he would tell you it’s absolutely worth it, as he sees the impact his pursuit of something beyond mediocrity has on the world around him.

And when you go “beyond the microphone” with this guy, you quickly realize he’s as real and genuine as it gets.  His “sunny” view of possibilities isn’t because he’s lived a sheltered life or only known success, either. It’s actually quite the opposite.

Let’s rewind. 

Picture this: you’re a successful three-sport athlete in high school, graduating near the top of your class and going on to earn a 3.98 GPA at a prestigious university. But you’re miserable, waking up every day sick to your stomach with anxiety, struggling with self-doubt, and paralyzed by your perceived failure.

The “alpha male” Trevor had been pushed to be didn’t fit who he was.  And the inner chaos led to broken relationships, weight gain, and alcohol to numb his emotions.  

What do you do when your reality collapses?  

If you’re Trevor, you search your soul.  Challenge yourself.  And you decide to take a different path to success.  You accept that you’re truly here for a reason, and you can make a positive difference in the world.  Then you begin, one step at a time, to build a life that proves it.

Over the next two decades, Trevor dove into the science of next-level success and unlocking human potential.  From there, he used what he learned to create and grow his own seven-figure business.

Through The Top 1% podcast, Trevor shares what he’s learned along the way. He brings in guests who’ve achieved success in all areas of life and business to candidly share their keys to breaking out of mediocrity and achieving their wildest dreams.

And, despite our tendency to believe that achieving big things comes down to luck, IQ, or being “born with” gifts, Dr. Blattner’s research contends that five of the common key strengths of super-achievers are actually accessible to all of us:

Strength #1: Purpose – Know the primary reason you were born.

Strength #2: Focus – Master the art of intense and unwavering focus.

Strength #3: Self-Confidence – Don’t let challenges stop you from being confident in yourself.

Strength #4: Enthusiasm – Willpower is a limited resource, so get excited.

Strength #5: Specialized Expertise – If you lack specialized expertise, you can’t become a super-achiever!

Most people get stuck at Strength #1.  But Trevor’s got a solution!  

There’s a simple process for how to discover your life purpose so you can develop all five strengths and rise above mediocrity:

Contemplate the following questions:

  • What things do you really love doing?
  • What things come very naturally or easy to you?
  • What personal qualities do you have that you love to show the world the most?

“Everybody has a purpose and mission in life that’s waiting to be discovered,” Trevor says. 

His message to you: 

It’s time to find yours, and unleash your top 1%. 

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