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I received an email about this podcast and was intrigued by the show description and the fact it is not a U.S.-based show. 

Launched in April 2018, British host Carl Robinson conducts scores of in-depth interviews with voice industry experts to further his mission to move the development of voice-based technology forward.

If you don’t know what that means, think Alexa or Siri, or directing your TV to bring up your favorite shows. For my fellow geeks, think talking to your computer, ala Star Trek, and having it talk back to you without having to use any other interface.

Carl interviews guests on the forefront of the voice revolution, bringing a depth of conversation that even a novice can learn from. Not all the episodes are for newbies, though. Some go deep into the nuances of developing voice solutions for practical application.

This podcast is a great resource for developers to learn about innovations in chatbots, AI, voice assistants, and even data science. I especially enjoyed the episode with the founder of Green Key discussing how voice tech can help our police and first responders be safer.

If you are looking to expand your knowledge of voice-enabled solutions, then I recommend you check out this show. Scroll through the episode list and pick one that piques your interest. Or, just ask Siri to play the latest episode!

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